Go for the

Rent your vehicle with our new Lazy Pack and relax on the go!
No need to read small prints for a total lazy and relaxed voyage.

The package includes the following services:

Speedy delivery no waiting at the counter. You will be served immediately by our dedicated staff.

Premium insurance with 0 excess, no charges against damages made by you. No amounts will be withheld or charged.
In cases of third party fault no amounts will be withheld until third party payments are executed.

Minimum deposit on your credit card only for penalties and fuel.We will block only 200 Euro to cover the charges of road penalties if any may arise, or fuel consumption without service charges.

Additional drivers included, unlimited, without registration ( Drink and don’t drive ), for your peace of mind you are free to rest anytime having a companion that will drive on your behalf, no need of registration so anyone with a valid driving license can take over the wheel as long as you are inside the vehicle.

No fuel surcharge, bring back your car empty and we will charge you only the fuel cost, avoid going crazy looking for a petrol station before returning your car, we will charge you only the consumption cost without service charges.

No Damage administration fees in case accidents may happen.

Compulsory Cross Border Insurance

If you plan to travel out of Austria or Hungary, don’t forget to buy the cross border insurance, this will cover all assistance fees and prolongate your coverage for any issues that may arise while traveling.
This insurance is mandatory if you travel out of Hungary borders, without cross border coverage, all other insurances will not be valid in case of accidents and all damages including road fines will be fully charged with penalties.
Don’t leave the country without it!